Members are taking advantage of advertising their auctions on our site. You can too!  Auction members can load auctions through the members’ section of the website.  You can:

  • Load a listing
  • Update a listing

Link the auctions to a website or the auction catalogue.

You will need to be an auction member to load auctions to the website.  To load an auction, you will need to:


We already have people joining our auction newsletter.  Weekly newsletters will commence once we have regular auctions.  To keep the auction news relevant to our subscribers please make sure you put plenty of details in your auctions.

Any questions … email














We have made changes to the membership functionality to make the website easier to use.


Once you have logged onto the members’ area you will reach the membership dashboard.  To update your profile, you will now select Update My Listing. Any membership details held in our database will be displayed.  You can update most details.  If you make changes, we will automatically be notified.  If there are changes you cannot make (such as membership year, ABN), please email us at


Did you know that we receive daily calls looking for a valuer or auctioneer?  

To ensure that we can refer calls and potential customers can find members directly via the website, ensure that your details are correct and up to date.  Take the time to make sure your profile, contact details, website and logo are current.