AVAA Code of Ethics

  1. Members must not engage in conduct that is deliberately misleading or deceptive or through negligence is likely to mislead or deceive. If there is any conflict between this obligation and the requirements of a client, a member must if necessary decline to act for the client.
  2. Members must always act in the best interests of their clients, within the law.
  3. Members must keep themselves informed of their legal obligations and honour both the letter and the spirit of these obligations.
  4. Members, before accepting a retainer from a prospective client, must inform them in writing of all relevant fees and charges.
  5. Members must respect clients' confidential information and not take unfair advantage of it.
  6. Members must always fully identify themselves in all their dealings.
  7. Members must support the Association and use their best endeavours to protect and promote the Association's objects and reputation.
  8. Members must not seek any commercial profit from holding any office with the Association. Members must not refer to any office they may hold with the Association, when  advertising.
  9. Members must promptly give the Association full details if they become aware of conduct by another member which is in breach of this Code or the Rules of Conduct or otherwise unbecoming of a member.
  10. Members who are employees must not join in any unbecoming conduct by their employers.
  11. Corporate and Sole Trader Auctioneer Members must maintain a Trust Account which is to be audited annually.
  12. Corporate and Sole Trader Auctioneer and Valuer Members must maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance.