Benefits of Membership


Benefits of Membership:

  1. The credibility of belonging to an Association registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission, with a published Constitution, Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct to be followed by members.
  2. The confidence and security of membership of an ethical body with high standards of professional conduct.
  3. Discounted insurance rates on Professional Indemnity as well as other insurances through the AVAA preferred insurance broker, Indemnity Corporation Pty Ltd.
  4. Discounted advertising rates for Corporate and Sole Trader members advertising under the Association banner in The Sydney Morning Herald via a dedicated account manager.
  5. The opportunity of networking with fellow members.
  6. The provision of continuing education of members through Courses, Seminars and Conferences at discounted rates.
  7. Settlement of Professional Differences between members.
  8. Representation of members in disputes with third parties in liaison with Departments of Fair Trading.
  9. Association membership is at times a prerequisite when tendering to government.
  10. Association membership is at times a prerequisite for insurance valuations and tenders.
  11. Association membership is at times a prerequisite for liquidation tenders.
  12. Referral of members’ services to individuals who contact the AVAA for assistance.
  13. Members’ details are listed on the AVAA website.
  14. Annual membership certificate on renewal.



Professional Indemnity Insurance  

The AVAA has preferred supplier arrangement to provide comprehensive and competitive specialised insurance for AVAA members.  For more information please refer to the Professional Indemnity page under the Members Services area.