Introductory Training Courses

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Introduction to Auctions and Auctioneering - (ONLINE NOW!)  

This self-paced online course provides an introduction to the core elements of running a successful auction event, from writing effective lot descriptions, through to setting an auction and calling the sale. This course represents the best opportunity in Australia to gain industry knowledge from experienced practitioners.

We recommend this course to young or new entrant employees of AVAA members, or for anybody wishing to gain a preliminary understanding of the auction industry.

For more information please refer to the course page.

Introduction to Valuing Goods, Chattels, Plant and Equipment  (ONLINE NOW!)

This self-paced course is intended as an introduction to the valuation of goods & chattels, plant & equipment. This course does not deal with valuation of real estate.

This course provides basic training that can be transferred to employment in the valuation industry at an entry level.

The course materials provide a step by step and understandable guide to the valuation process.

Learning is self paced with learner support available.

For more information please refer to the course page.


Valuation of Fine Arts & Antiques - (online course being developed)


This self-paced advanced course in valuation of fine arts and antiques provides valuable information on effective valuation practice. This unit covers the essential principles necessary to develop a career as a fine art and antiques valuer. The learner will be required, in this unit, to engage and develop analytical and logic skills. In addition, the learner will be presented with diversity and challenge.

The course titled 'Introduction to Valuing Goods, Chattels, Plant and Equipment' is a pre-requisite.

For more information please refer to the course page.